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Base Camp

Blackhorse Base Camp was carved out of dense and rugged jungle that was located at Long Giao, 10 miles South of the Vietnamese village of Xuan Loc in the Province of Long Khanh on Highway 2.  It was the home of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment and its supporting units like, "Red Devils" 919th Engineer Company (Armor), the 37th Medical Company, 541st Military Intelligence Detachment and others.   For a close up view of Blackhorse and its surrounding area, click on the maps below.

Blackhorse Base Camp And Area Of Operations - Map 1

Blackhorse Base Camp And Area Of Operations - Map 2

Blackhorse was laid out as a near rectangle.  The perimeter was divided into four sectors; A, B, C and D.  It was ringed with five rows of Constantine wire (the next generation removed from barbed wire).  Constantine wire had razor sharp edges.   It was placed around the camp's perimeter for security.  In addition, the camp was protected with six watch towers and 65 bunker emplacements.

Jim Brigman has submitted a diagram of base camp as part of his Contributor's Corner collection.  To view a larger image, click on the diagram below.  The large view is about 100kb in size and will take a few seconds to load.

Diagram - Blackhorse Base Camp

Blackhorse Base Camp


circa 1967

The diagram of Blackhorse Base Camp above reveals a startling portrait of the various commands that made up the regiment.  It includes the location of each troop, company and attached units.  In addition, buildings, roads and heliport are represented.

On October 20th, 1966 an action code named: "Atlanta" commenced.   "Atlanta's" mission was to establish the new home of the 11th ACR that had arrived at Vung Tau on September 7, 1966.  The regiment was under the command of Col. William W. Cobb.  "Atlanta" was competed by November 3, 1966.

I arrived at Blackhorse on Wednesday, April 17th, 1968.  The first impression that this camp made on me was the incredible "red" clay which turned in to a powdery fine dust during the dry season.  Even today, there are still remains of this clay on many of my mementos.

I was assigned as a cook to the 3rd Squadron ("Workhorse").  I was taken by jeep and dropped of at "Killing" K Troop's orderly room where I processed in.  I was now K Troop's newest member.  After a week of specialized training, I would join the Troop at Phu Loi.

I invite you to explore the heart of this web site by visiting the links below.   This site is primarily about K Troop but I have provided some information about the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment too.  This page is under development and new sections are continually being added.  I recommend that you start with K Troop and then, if time allows, learn more about the regiment.

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