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The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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This letter was written to Dennis Morgan by K Troop's commanding officer, Capt. Thomas Middaugh about two weeks after K-71 was destroyed by a mine and Bob Press was killed.   This letter is contributed by Dennis Morgan.

K-3-11 ACR
APO San Francisco 96257
12 November, 1968

Dear Sp4. Morgan,

Your buddy George just brought me your letter which I was very happy indeed to read.   I am especially happy and thankful that you are faring so well.  Certainly those little scars won't hurt you in the years to come.

There's little I can do to console you or Bob Press' many other friends.  I think we all recognize what a great person he was and unequivocally what a damn fine soldier.   He sure was OUR medic!  I guess you know he turned down a job at the 37th to stay with his troop in the field - I do, as I fought for both he and Sp4. Scrogan and won.   It seemed like a blessing to us all at the time.

There's little I can tell you about your personal gear at this time.  As you know, your track was on fire when you were evacuated.  Five others tried to extinguish it but failed and were injured by a sever secondary explosion (SFC Wilson, SGT. Daniels, SP4. Burnside, PFC Harper and PFC Cornelius).  SGT Daniels has returned to K Troop but some of the others were more seriously injured than even you when the ACAV was mined.   I understand that all are faring well now and eventually will recover.

Shortly after the incident, all the personal gear of all the casualties was sent via hook haul to Camp Blackhorse.  I don't know if any of it was yours at this point.   If it was on your track at the time it was mined, it was totally destroyed and could not be recovered.  The vehicle burned for over 24 hours and was left a twisted molten mass of metal.  Nothing on the ACAV could be recovered.

You have my authority to use this letter as a statement from me verifying the losses you sustained from equipment that was on your ACAV when it was mined.

Well, it shouldn't be too long before we get another respite at Blackhorse.  I trust in the meantime you will rest and settle your nerves and mend those muscles.   Yours is yet a long life ahead and my hopes are that you'll be able and ready to assume a responsible place in society upon your return to CONUS either in uniformed or civilian status.

Take care Denny - will be looking for a cheerful smile on your face as we return and join you at basecamp.


Thomas R. Middaugh, Capt.
Armor Commanding

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