K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

hosted by Bob Hersey


MOS - Military Occupational Specialty

MOS or a fancy way to say "job".  This list of Military Occupational Specialties is a complete list of job classifications for the US Army as it was in Vietnam.

000 General Military Duty 0001 Duties Unassigned 0002 General Officer 0003 "Relieved From Duty, Sick in Hospital or Quarters" 0005 ROTC Officer Awaiting Entry On Active Duty 0006 Student Officer 0009 Special Assignment 001A Unqualified in Authorized Warrant Officer MOS 002A Patient 0030 Postal Officer 0030 Sports Specialist 003A Student 004A Duties Unassigned or In Transit 00B Diver 00C Dog Trainer 00D Special Duty Assignment 00E Recruiter And Career Counselor 00F Drill Sergeant 00G Target Aircraft Crewman 00H Enlisted Aide 00J Club/Community Activities Manager 00U Race/Relations/Equal Opportunity Specialist 00Z Command Sergeant Major 01B Electrical-Electronic Engineering Assistant 01C Mechanical Engineering Assistant 01D Civil Engineering Assistant 01E Mathematics Statistics Assistant 01F Physical Sciences Assistant 01G Chemical Engineering Assistant 01H Biological Sciences Assistant 01K Personnel Psychology Specialist 01L Audit Specialist 0205 Communications & Electronics Staff Officer 0213 Post Communication Electronics Officer 021A Club Manager 0220 Area Signal Center Officer 0221 Communications Center Officer 02B Band Member Coronet Or Trumpet Player 02C Band Member Baritone Or Euphonium Player 02D Band Member French Horn Player 02E Band Member Trombone Player 02F Band Member Tuba Player 02G Band Member Flute Or Piccolo Player 02H Band Member Oboe Player 02J Band Member Clarinet Player 02K Band Member Basoon Player 02L Band Member Saxaphone Player 02M Band Member Percussion Player 02N Band Member Piano Player 02P Brass Group Leader 02Q Woodwind Group Leader 02R Percussion Group Leader 02S Special Band Member 02T Band Member Guitar Player 02Z Bands Senior Sergeant 0300 Fixed Plant Signal Unit Commander 031A Bandmaster 031C No occupational title data available 03B Performing Arts Specialist 03C Physical Activities Specialist 03D Arts And Crafts Specialist 03Z Recreation Specialist 03Z Special Services Senior Sergeant 0405 Telephone-Digital Communications Officer 0425 Cable Communications Officer 04B Translator-Interpreter 04C Expert Linguist 0505 Radio Systems Officer 051A Veterinary Services Technician 052A Non-Morse Intercept Technician 053A Special Identification Technician 0590 Radio Controlled Target Airplane Officer 05B Radio Operator 05C Radio Teletype Operator 05D EW/SIGINT Identifier 05E Voice-Radio Operator 05F Radio Teletypewriter Operator 05G Signal Security Specialist 05H EW/SIGINT Morse Interceptor 05K EW/SIGINT Non-Morse Interceptor 0600 Motor Officer 0605 Nurse Anesthetist 0609 Highway Transport Planning Officer 0612 Field Transportation Officer 0615 Highway Traffic Engineer 061C "Airplane Pilot, Multi-engine" 062B "Helicopter Pilot, Utility and Light Cargo Single Rotor" 062C "Helicopter Pilot, Utility and Light Cargo Tandem Rotor" 062D "Helicopter Pilot, Medium Transport" 0660 Highway Transport Officer 0663 Engineer Equipment Officer 0668 Amphibious Craft Officer 0692 Transportation Officer 0693 Transportation Traffic Management Officer 0694 Transportation Movements Officer 0706 Trainmaster 0715 Railway Maintenance-Of-Way Superintendent 0716 Railway Bridge & Building Supervisor 0717 Railway Track Supervisor 0718 Railway Signal Maintenance Supervisor 0720 "Road Foreman, Railroad Locomotives" 0730 Yardmaster 0735 Railway Master Mechanic 0736 Railway Car Foreman 0737 Enginehouse Foreman 0740 Railway Dispatcher 0750 Railway Operations Superintendent 0753 Railway Car Service Superintendent 0754 Railway Equipment Superintendent 0801 Harbor Master 0804 Cargo Officer 0815 Port Operations Officer 0820 Dredge Master 0823 Dredge Engineering Officer 0825 Harbor Craft Unit Commander 09B Basic Trainee 09C Basic Trainee 09D College Trainee 09E Wac Trainee 09F Chaplain's Assistant (Catholic) 09G Chaplain's Assistant (Protestant) 09H Chaplain's Assistant (Jewish) 09S Commissioned Officer Candidate 09W Warrant Officer Candidate 100B Utility/Observation Helicopter Pilot 100C Cargo Helicopter Pilot 100D Heavy Lift Helicopter Pilot 100E Attack Helicopter Pilot 100F "Pilot, OH-6" 100G "Pilot, OH-58" 100P "Pilot, U-8" 100Q Combat Service/Support Fixed Wing Pilot 100R Combat Surveillance Fixed Wing Pilot 100Z "Pilot, Nonstandard Aircraft" 1010 Combat Signal Unit Commander 101B "Fixed Wing Pilot, Single Engine" 101C "Fixed Wing Pilot, Multi-engine" 101D "Fixed Wing Pilot, Surveillance Aircraft" 102A Rotary and Fixed Wing Pilot 103A Aviation Technician 1111 Safeguard Unit Commander 1115 Safeguard Staff Officer 1154 Field Artillery Target Acquisition Officer 1174 Light Air Defense Artillery Unit Commander 1176 Composite Aaa Unit Commander 1177 "Air Defense Missile Staff Officer, Nike Hercules" 1178 "Air Defense Missile Staff Officer, Hawk" 1180 Air Defense Missile Unit Commander 1181 Guided Missile Systems Officer 1183 Reconnaissance & Survey Officer 1190 Ballistic Missile Unit Commander 1193 Field Artillery Unit Commander 1198 Field Illumination Unit Commander 11B Infantryman 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman 11D Armor Reconnaissance Specialist 11E Armor Crewman 11F Infantry Operations And Intelligence Specialist 11G Infantry Senior Sergeant 11H Infantry Direct Fire Crewman 11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant 1203 Tank Unit Commander 1204 Armored Reconnaissance Unit Commander 1210 Armored Combat Command Commander 12A Pioneer 12B Combat Engineer 12C Bridge Crewman 12D Combat Engineer Operation And Intelligence NCO 12D Power Bridge Specialist 12E Atomic Demolition Munitions Specialist 12F Combat Engineer Tracked Vehicle Crewman 12Z Combat Engineer Senior Sergeant 1328 Engineer Construction Unit Commander 1330 Armored Engineer Unit Commander 1331 Combat Engineer Unit Commander 1342 Portable Bridge Unit Commander 1367 Amphibious Engineer Unit Commander 13A Field Artillery Basic 13B Cannon Crewmember 13C Heavy Field Artillery Crewman 13D Field Artillery Rocket Crewman 13E Cannon Fire Direction Specialist 13F Automatic Weapons Crewman 13Z Field Artillery Senior Sergeant 1415 Chemical Combat Support Unit Commander 1542 Infantry Unit Commander 1543 Infantry Heavy Mortar Unit Commander 1560 Infantry Unit Commander (Mechanized) 15B Sergeant Missile Crewman 15C CORPORAL Missile Crewman 15D Lance Crewmember/MLRS Sergeant 15E PERSHING Missile Crewmember 15F HONEST JOHN Rocket Crewmember 15F REDSTONE Missile Crewman 15J MLRS/Lance Operations/Fire Direction Specialist 15Z FA Missile Rocket Senior Sergeant 1690 Military Intelligence Unit Commander 1691 Army Cryptologic & Electronic Warfare Unit Commander 16B HURCULES Missile Crewmember 16C HURCULES Fire Control Crewmember 16D HAWK Missile Crewmember 16E HAWK Fire Control Crewmember 16F Light Air Defense Artillery Crewmember 16H Air Defense Artillery Operations/Intelligence Assistant 16J Forward Area Alerting Radar Operator 16K Fire Distribution Systems Crewman 16M Safeguard Operations and Intelligence Specialist 16P CHAPARRAL Crewmember 16R VULCAN Crewmember 16Z Air Defense Artillery Senior Sergeant 17A Combat Surveillance And Target Acquisition Crewman 17B Field Artillery Radar Crewmember 17C Field Artillery Target Acquisition Specialist 17D Flash Ranging Crewman 17E Field Illumination Crewman 17F Defense Acquisition And Survival Radar Crewman 17G Tracking Radar Crewman 17H Fire Distribution System Crewman 17J Drone Aircraft Crewman 17K Ground Surveillance Radar Crewman 17L Aerial Sensor Specialist 17M Remote Sensor Specialist 17Z Combat Surveillance And Target Acquisition NCO 1980 Fixed Wing Aviation Unit Commander 1981 Rotary Wing Aviation Unit Commander 1982 Airfield Commander 1984 Supply Plans Officer 1985 Supply Research & Development Officer 1987 Composite Aviation Unit Commander 2010 Chief of Staff 2011 Secretary of The General Staff 2015 Congressional Liaison Officer 2019 Post Commander 201A Meteorology Technician 2025 Major Departmental Unit Chief or Director 202A Biomedical Equipment Repair Technician 2030 Aide-De-Camp 2040 Test & Evaluation Officer 2110 Adjutant or Adjutant General 211A Target Acquisition Radar Technician 2120 Administrative Officer 212B "Field Artillery Missile Assembly Technician, Corporal" 2136 Nontactical Unit Officer 213B "Field Artillery Missile Fire Control Technician, Corporal" 2145 WAC Staff Adviser 214C "Field Artillery Missile System Technician, LaCross" 214D "Field Artillery Missile System Technician, Redstone" 214E "Missile System Technician, Pershing" 214F Field Artillery Missile System Technician (Sergeant) 2162 "Operations & Training Staff Officer (G3, S3)" 2163 "Air Operations Officer (G3, S3)" 2167 Research & Development Coordinator 2170 Technical Operations Officer 2180 "Civil-Military Operations Staff Officer (G5, S5)" 21A Ballistic Missile Repair Apprentice 21B REDSTONE Electronic Mechanic 21C REDSTONE Guidance Repairman 21D REDSTONE Test Instrument Repairman 21E Sergeant Guidance Repairman 21F Sergeant Test Station Repairman 21G PERSHING Electronics Materiel Specialist 21H PERSHING Guidance And Control Repairer 21J PERSHING Test Equipment Repairman 21K PERSHING Computer Repairman 21L PERSHING Electronic Repairer 21M PERSHING Digital Equipment Repairer 21R Sergeant Firing Set Repairman 21S Sergeant Missile Guidance Repairman 21T Sergeant Test Equipment Repairman 21U Sergeant Maintenance Chief 21V PERSHING Maintenance Chief 2200 Personnel Officer 2210 Personnel Management Officer 221B "Missile Assembly Technician, Nike" 221C "Missile Maintenance Technician, Safeguard" 222B "Missile Fire Control Technician, Nike" 2239 Psychological Assistant 223C Air Defense Missile System Technician (Hawk) 223D "Air Defense Missile System Technician, Improved Hawk" 224B Chaparral-Vulcan Systems Technician 225B ADA Command and Control Maintenance Technician 2260 "Personnel Staff Officer (G1, S1)" 2265 Manpower Control Officer 226B Missile Site Radar Maintenance Technician 226C Perimeter Acquisition Radar Manitenance Technician 22A Electronic Repair Apprentice 22B CORPORAL Electronics Mechanic 22C CORPORAL Missile Repairman 22F HURCULES Electronics Mechanic 22G NIKE Launcher System Repairman 22H NIKE Internal Guidance Repairman 22J HAWK Missile Launcher Mechanic 22K HAWK Missile-Launcher Repairer 22L NIKE-HURCULES Test Equipment Repairer 22M NIKE Missile Repairman 22N NIKE-HURCULES Missile-Launcher Repairer 2310 Recruiting & Induction Officer 231A Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Maintenance Technician 232A Fire Control Radar Technician 2330 Labor Relations Officer 2334 Selective Service Officer 2350 Race Relations/Equal Opportunity Officer 23B CORPORAL Fire Control Mechanic 23C CORPORAL Fire Control Repairman 23G NIKE-HURCULES Fire Control Mechanic 23M NIKE Acquisition Radar Repairman 23N NIKE-HURCULES Track Radar Repairer 23P HAWK Fire Control Mechanic 23Q HAWK Fire Control Repairer 23R HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Mechanic 23S HAWK Pulse Radar Repairer 23T HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Repairer 23U NIKE-HURCULES High Power Radar Simulator Repairer 23V HAWK Maintenance Chief 23W NIKE Maintenance Chief 2401 "ADP Officer, PCM" 2402 ADP Officer 241B "Field Artillery Missile System Repair Technician, Corporal" 241C "Field Artillery Missile System Repair Technician, LaCross" 241D "Field Artillery Missile System Repair Technician, Redstone" 241E "Field Artillery Missile Systems Repair Technician, Sergeant" 241F "Field Artillery Missile Systems Repair Technician, Pershing" 2420 Archivist 2421 Military Historian 2430 Memorial Activities Officer 24B HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Mechanic 24C HAWK Firing Section Mechanic 24D HAWK Missile Launcher Mechanic 24E HAWK Fire Control Mechanic 24F HAWK Fire Control Mechanic 24G HAWK Information Coordination Central Mechanic 24H HAWK Fire Control Repairer 24J HAWK Pulse Radar Repairer 24K HAWK Continuous Wave Radar Repairer 24M VULCAN System Mechanic 24N CHAPARRAL System Mechanic 24P Defense Acquisition Radar Mechanic 24Q NIKE-HURCULES Fire Control Mechanic 24U NIKE-HURCULES Custodial Mechanic 24V HAWK Maintenance Chief 2500 School Commandant 2510 Adviser Group Commander/Senior Adviser (Reserve Component) 2517 Professor of Military Science 2518 Aviation Staff Officer 251B "Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Nike" 251C "Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Hawk" 251D "Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician, Improved Hawk" 2520 Training Officer 252A Test Measuring and Diagnostic Equipment Support Technician 2548 Training Aids Officer 25B Automatic Data Link Repairman 25C Integrated Data Link Repairman 25D Birdie Repairman 25E Radar Tracking Station Repairman 25F Radar Display Equipment Repairman 25G Mobil Adcp Monitor Repairman 25H Radar Data Processing Equipment Repairman 25J Operations Central Repairer 25K AN/TSQ-51 System Repairer Maintenance Chief 260A Nuclear Weapons Technician 2610 Management Analyst 2615 Organization & Equipment Planning Officer 261A Special Ammunition Maintenance Technician 2622 Training Center Unit Officer 2624 Logistical Commander 2625 Logistics Officer 262A Nuclear Weapons Electronic Technician 2640 Troop Movements Officer 26B Weapons Support Radar Repairer 26C Target Acquisition Surveillance Radar Repairer 26D Ground Control Approach Radar Repairer 26E Airborne Sensor Specialist 26F Ground Radar Repairman 26G Ground Control Approach Radar Repairman 26H Air Defense Radar Repairer 26J Defense Acquisition Radar Mechanic 26K Aerial Early Warning/Defense Equipment Repairer 26K Electronic Warfare Equipment Repairman 26L Tactical Microwave Systems Repairer 26M Airborne Surveillance Radar Repairer 26N Aerial Surveillance Infrared Repairer 26P Radio Propogation Specialist 26T Radio/TV Systems Specialist 26U Unattended Ground Sensor Systems Repairman 26V Strategic Microwave Systems Repairer 26W Radar Maintenance Supervisor-Inspector 26Y Satellite Communications Equipment Repaier 2701 Nonmilitary Subjects Instruction Officer (Designated Subject) 2715 Military Leadership Instructor 271A Land Combat Missile Systems Repair Technician 2720 Civil Defense Officer 2728 Military College Faculty Member 27A Missile Systems Apprentice 27B Land Combat Support System (LCSS) Test Specialist 27C Combat Missile Systems Repairman 27D Lance Missile System Repairman 27E TOW/Dragon Missile Electronics Repairer 27F VULCAN Repairer 27G CHAPARRAL/REDEYE Repairer 27H Shillelagh Repairer 27Z Land Combat/air Defense Systems Maintenance Chief 2800 Comptroller 2801 "Comptroller Staff Officer, Army General Staff" 281A Radio Repair Technician 282A Radar Repair Technician 283A Electronic Warfare Repair Technician 284A Television Repair Technician 285A Electronic Warfare/Intercept Equipment Repair Technician 286A Communications-Electronics Equipment Repair Technician 28B Missile Site Radar Repairman 28C Safeguard Digital Repairman 28D Perimeter Acquisition Radar Electronic Repairman 28M Anti-Ballistic Missile Maintenance Specialist 28N Safeguard Missile Site Radar Specialist 28P Safeguard Perimeter Acquisition Radar Specialist 28Q Safeguard Data Processing System Maintenance Specialist 28R Safeguard Dps Peripheral Equipment Maintenance Specialist 2900 Headquarters Unit Commander 2910 Service Company Commander 3000 Executive Medicine Officer 3004 Nuclear Medical Officer 3005 Preventive Medicine Officer 3006 Occupational Medicine Officer 3012 Health Care Administrator 301A Data Processing Equipment Repair Technician 3100 General Medical Officer 3101 Pulmonary Disease Officer 3105 Gastroenterologist 3107 Cardiologist 3108 Obstetrician & Gynecologist 3111 Urologist 3112 Dermatologist 3113 Allergist/Clinical Immunologist 3115 Anesthesiologist 3116 Pediatrician 3117 Pediatric Cardiologist 3118 Child Neurologist 3125 Ophthalmologist 3126 Otorhinolaryngologist 3127 Child Psychiatrist 3128 Neurologist 3129 Psychiatrist 3130 Adolescent Psychiatrist 3131 Neurosurgeon 3132 Hematologist 3134 Nephrologist 3135 Medical Oncologist 3136 Endocrinologist 3137 Rheumatologist 3138 Clinical Pharmacologist 3139 Internist 3140 Infectious Disease Officer 3141 Family Physician 3150 General Surgeon 3151 Thoracic Surgeon 3152 Plastic Surgeon 3153 Orthopedic Surgeon 3154 Peripheral Vascular Surgeon 3160 Aviation Medical Officer 3167 Preventive Dentistry Officer 3168 Endodontist 3170 General Dentistry Officer 3171 Oral Surgeon 3172 Pedodontist 3173 Orthodontist 3174 Periodontist 3175 "Prosthodontist, Removable" 3176 "Prosthodontist, Fixed" 3177 Oral Pathologist 3178 Dental Staff Officer 3179 Oral Medicine Officer 3180 Physiatrist 31B Field Communications Electronics Equipment Mechanic 31C Armor Radio Mechanic 31D Artillery Radio Mechanic 31D PERSHING Communications Specialist 31E Field Radio Repairer 31F Infantry Communications Chief 31G Tactical Communitions Chief 31H Artillery Communications Chief 31J Teletypwriter Repairer 31K General Cryptographic Repairman 31L Multichannel Communications Equipment Repairman 31M Multichannel Transmission Systems 31N Communications Systems/Circuit Controller 31Q Avionics Repairman 31R Target Aircraft Control System Mechanic 31S Field General Communication Security Repairer 31T Field Systems Communications Security Equipment Repairer 31U Tactical COMSEC Maintenance Chief 31W Tactical Electronics Maintenance Chief 31Z Telecommunications Operations Chief 3200 General Veterinary Officer 3201 Veterinary Public Health Officer 3202 Small Animal Veterinary Officer 3203 Veterinary Staff Officer 3204 Veterinary Food Hygienist 3205 Veterinary Laboratory Animal Officer 3206 Veterinary Pathologist 3207 Veterinary Microbiologist/Parasitologist 3208 Veterinary Radiobiologist/Radiologist 3209 Veterinary Comparative Medicine Officer 3210 Veterinary Laboratory Officer 32A Fixed Station Attendant 32B Fixed Station Receiver Repairman 32C Fixed Station Transmitter Repairman 32D Communications System Circuit Controller 32E Fixed Plant Carrier Repairman 32F Fixed Ciphony Repairer 32G Fixed Cryptographic Equipment Repairer 32H Fixed Station Radio Repairer 32Z Communications-Electronics Maintenance Chief 3304 Therapeutic Radiologist (Radiation Oncologist) 3305 Diagnostic Radiologist 3306 Radiologist 3307 Microbiologist 3308 Nuclear Medical Science Officer 3309 Biochemist 3310 Parasitologist 3311 Immunologist 3314 Clinical Laboratory Officer 3315 Entomologist 3316 Nutrition Officer 3318 Pharmacy Officer 3324 Anatomical Pathologist 3325 Pathologist 3326 Clinical Pathologist 3327 Physiologist 3328 Forensic Pathologist 3329 Neuropathologist 3340 Optometry Officer 3350 Podiatrist 3360 Audiologist 3370 Environmental Science Officer 3371 Sanitary Engineer 3380 Military Community Oral Health Manager 33B General Intercept Equipment Repairman 33C Terminal Receiving System Repairman 33D Intercept Recoding Systems Repairman 33E Microbarograph Equipment Repairman 33F Intercept Demultiplex Systems Repairman 33G ECM/DF Systems Repairman 33Z Intercept Systems Maintenance Supervisor-Inspector 3416 Occupational Therapist 3418 Physical Therapist 341A Cryptographic Equipment Repair Technician 3420 Hospital Dietitian 3430 Nurse Administrator 3431 Community Health Nurse 3437 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse 3442 Pediatric Nurse 3443 Operating Room Nurse 3445 Nurse Anesthetist 3446 Obstetric & Gynecologic Nurse 3448 Medical-Surgical Nurse 3449 Clinical Nurse 34B Punch Card Machine Repairer 34C ADP Auxiliary Equipment Repairman 34D ADPS Repairman 34E NCR 500 Computer Repairer 34F Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment(DSTE) Repairer 34G Fire Control Computer Repairer 34H Automatic Digital Message Switch Equipment(ADMSE) Repairer 34J Univac 1004/1005 DCT 9000 System Repairer 34K IBM 3000 Repairer 34L ADMS Peripheral Equipment Repairman 34M Sds 920 Equipment Repairman 3506 Field Medical Assistant 3510 Health Services Comptroller 351A Power Station Technician 3520 Biomedical Information Systems Officer 3530 Patient Administration Officer 3560 Health Services Personnel Manager 3565 Health Services Manpower Control Officer 3570 Health Services Plans & Operations Officer 3581 Aeromedical Evacuation Officer 3590 Health Services Materiel Officer 3593 Health Services Intelligence Officer 3595 Health Facilities Planning Officer 35B Electronic Instrument Repairer 35C Electronic Devices Repairman 35D Meteorological Equipment Repairman 35E Special Electronic Devices Repairer 35F Nuclear Weapons Electronics Specialist 35G "Medical Equipment Repairer, Unit Level" 35H "Test, Measurement, And Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Maintenance Support Specialist" 35J Aircraft Fire Control Repairman 35K Avionics Mechanic 35L Avionic Communications Equipment Repairer 35M Avionic Navigation And Flight Control Equipment Repairer 35N Avionic Flight Control Equipment Repairman 35P Avionic Equipment Maintenance Supervisor 35R Avionic Special Equipment Repairer 35S Electronic Biomedical Equipment Repairer 35T X-ray Biomedical Equipment Repairer 35U "Medical Equipment Repairer, Advanced" 3606 Social Work Officer 361A Fire Distribution Systems Repair Technician 3620 Psychologist 3621 Health Services Research Psychologist 3639 Behavioral Science Associate 36A Wireman 36B Telephone Installer-Repairman 36C Wire Systems Installer 36D Antenna Installer Specialist 36E Cable Splicer 36F Circuit Control Specialist 36G Manual Central Office Repairman 36H Dail/Manual Central Office Repairer 36K Tactical Wire Operations Specialist 3900 Medical Unit Commander 4010 "Supply Staff Officer (G4, S4)" 4011 Maintenance Staff Officer 4112 Club Manager 4114 Food Adviser 411A Ammunition Technician 4130 Subsistence Officer 41B Topographic Instrument Repair Specialist 41C Fire Control Instrument Repairer 41D Watch Repairman 41E Audio-Visual Equipment Repairer 41F Projector Repairman 41G Aerial Surveillance Photographic Equipment Repairer 41H Photographic Equipment Repair Chief 41J Office Machine Repairer 41K Reproduction Equipment Repair Specialist 4200 Supply & Service Officer 4201 Supply Management Officer 4210 Army Exchange Officer 421A Armament Repair Technician 4223 Commissary Officer 42B Cast Specialist 42C Orthotic Specialist 42D Dental Laboratory Specialist 42E Optical Laboratory Specialist 42F Dental Fixed Prosthetic Specialist 4300 Materiel Project/Product Manager 4312 Real Estate Officer 4319 Procurement Control & Production Officer 4320 Procurement Officer 4360 Printing Officer 4371 Dog Handling Officer 43A Textile And Leather Repair Assistant 43B Textile Repairman 43C Canvas And Leather Repairman 43D Shoe Repairman 43E Parachute Rigger 43J Textile Repairman 43K Canvas Repairman 43L Shoe Repairman 43M Fabric Repair Specialist 4403 Foreign Aid Supply Officer 441A Repair Shop Technician 4420 Aircraft Supply Officer 4445 Storage Officer 4475 Railway Supply Officer 44A Metal Working Assistant 44B Metal Worker 44C Welder 44D Blacksmith 44E Machinist 44K Marine Hull Repairman 44Z Metal Working Foreman 4510 Unit Ammunition Officer 4514 Conventional Ammunition Officer 4515 Missile & Munitions Officer 4516 Missile Maintenance Officer 4517 Special Ammunition Officer 45A Armament Maintenance Apprentice 45B Small Arms/Artillery Repairer 45C Field Artillery Repairman 45D Artillery Calibration Specialist 45E Air Defense Artillery Repairman 45F Artillery Mechanic 45G Turret Artillery Repairman 45H Small Missile Systems Repairman 45J Aircraft Armament Repairman 45K Armament Repairer 45L Artillery Repairer 45M Aircraft Armament Subsystem Mechanic 45N M60A1/A3 Tank Turret Mechanic 45P Sheridan Turret Mechanic 45R M60A2 Tank Turret Mechanic 45Z Armament/Fire Control Maintenance Supervisor 4600 Property Disposal Officer 4601 Salvage Collecting Officer 461A Airdrop Equipment Repair Technician 46A Missile Mechanical Repair Apprentice 46C HURCULES Missile Mechanic 46D Improved HAWK Mechanical Systems Repairman 46D NIKE Mechanical Repairman 46F HAWK Mechanical Repairman 46G CORPORAL Missile Crewman 46H CORPORAL Ground Handling Equipment Repairman 46J REDSTONE Missile Mechanic 46K REDSTONE Propulsion/Structures Repairman 46L Sergeant Electrical Mechanical Repairman 46M PERSHING Rocket Motor/Structures Repairman 46N PERSHING Electrical-Mechanical Repairer 4803 Maintenance Officer 4804 Marine Maintenance Officer 4808 Armament Maintenance & Repair Officer 4815 Mechanical Maintenance Officer 4818 Tire Maintenance & Repair Officer 4820 Parachute Maintenance & Aerial Supply Officer 4823 Aircraft Maintenance Officer 4825 Electronics Maintenance Officer 4830 Laundry & Fumigation Officer 4850 Railway Shop Superintendent 4851 Car Repair Shop Superintendent 4857 Railway Machine Shop Superintendent 4862 Diesel Locomotive Shop Superintendent 4940 Water Supply Unit Commander 4942 Forestry Officer 4944 Gas Generating Unit Commander 4960 Petroleum Products Supply Officer 5000 Recreation Services Officer 51A Construction And Utilities Worker 51B Carpentry And Masonry Specialist 51C Structure Specialist 51D Mason 51E Camouflage Specialist 51F Pipeline Specialist 51G Materials Quality Specialists 51H Construction Engineering Supervisor 51J Heating And Ventilating Specialist 51L Refrigeration Specialist 51M Firefighter 51N Water Treatment Specialist 51P Utilities Engineering Supervisor 51Q Terrain Analyst 51R Interior Electrician 51S Tactical Support Environmental Equipment Repairman 521A Utilities Maintenance Technician 521B No occupational title data available 521C Tactical Support Equipment Maintenance Technician Safeguard 5241 Army Band Officer 52A Powerman 52B Power Generation Equipment Operator/Mechanic 52C Utilities Equipment Repairer 52D Power-Generation Equipment Repairer 52E Prime Power Production Specialist 52F Electrician 52G High Voltage Electrician 52H Nuclear Power Plant Mechanic/Operator 52J Nuclear Power Plant Electrician/Operator 52K Nuclear Power Plant Instrument/Operator 52L Nuclear Power Plant Processing/Control Specialist 52M Nuclear Power Plant Chief 52N Tactical Support Electrical Equipment Repairman 52W Tactical Support Equipment Maintenance And Repair Supervisor 5310 Chaplain 53B Industrial Gas Production Specialist 53C Carbon Dioxide-Hydrogen Production Specialist 53D Liquid-Oxygen-Nitrogen Production Specialist 5400 Publications Officer 54A Chemical Operations Specialist 54B Decontamination Specialist 54C Smoke Operations Specialist 54D Chemical Equipment Repairer 54E "Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical (NBC) Specialist" 54F Chemical Operations Specialist 5503 Public Education Officer 5505 Information Officer 5522 Broadcast Officer 5525 Physical Reconditioning Officer 55A Ammunition Helper 55B Ammunition Specialist 55C Ammunition Maintenance Specialist 55D Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Specialist 55E Chemical Demolitions Specialist 55F Missile And Rocket Explosive Specialist 55G Nuclear Weapons Specialist 55X Ammunition Inspector 55Z Ammunition Supervisor 561A Master or Mate 561B Harbormaster/Pilot 561C "Vessel Master, Unlimited" 561D "Vessel Master, Coastal; Mate, Unlimited" 561E Mate 562A Marine Engineering Technician 562B Marine Engineering Technician/Marine Inspector 562C "Chief Engineer, Unlimited" 562D "Chief Engineer, Coastal; Assistant Engineer, Unlimited" 562E Assistant Engineer 56A Supply Handler 56B General Warehouseman 56C Petroleum Storage Specialist 56D Subsistance Storage Specialist 56E Stevedore 57A Duty Soldier 57B Railway Section Foreman 57C Tire Repairman 57D Sawyer 57E Laundry And Bath Specialist 57F Mortuary Affairs Specialist 57G Duty Foreman 57H Cargo Specialist 5900 Public Welfare Officer 6010 Public Finance Officer 6100 Finance & Accounting Officer 6101 Accounting Officer 61A Seaman 61B Watercraft Operator 61C Watercraft Engineer 61D Amphibian Operator 61E Amphibian Engineer 61F Marine Hull Repairer 61Z Marine Senior Sergeant 6200 Finance Staff Officer 6201 Finance Disbursing Officer 621A Engineer Equipment Repair Technician 62A Engineer Equipment Assistant 62B Construction Equipment Repairer 62C Engineer Missile Equipment Specialist 62D Asphalt Equipment Operator 62E Heavy Construction Equipment Operator 62F Crane Operator 62G Quarrying Specialist 62H Concrete And Asphalt Equipment Operator 62J General Construction Equipment Operator 62K Grader Operator 62L Wheeled Tractor Operator 62M Rough Terrain Forklift And Loader Operator 62N Construction Equipment Supervisor 62P Tactical Support Mechanical Equipment 6302 Program/Budget Officer 631A Automotive Maintenance Technician 632A Automotive Repair Technician 63A Mechanical Maintenance Helper 63B Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic 63C General Vehicle Repairman 63D Quartermaster Light Equipment Repairman 63E Quartermaster Heavy Equipment Repairman 63F Recovery Specialist 63G Fuel And Electrical Systems Repairer 63H Track Vehicle Repairer 63J Quartermaster And Chemical Equipment Repairer 63K Quartermaster Heavy Equipment Repairman 63L Quartermaster Equipment Maintenance Senior 63Z Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor 6400 Statistician 6410 Economist 64A Light Vehicle Driver 64B Heavy Vehicle Driver 64C Motor Transport Operator 65A Railway Maintenance And Operations Apprentice 65B Locomotive Repairer 65C Diesel-electrical Locomotive Repairman 65D Railway Car Repairer 65E Airbrake Repairer 65F Locomotive Electrician 65G Railway Section Repairer 65H Locomotive Operator 65J Train Crewmember 65K Railway Movement Coordinator 65Z Railway Senior Sergeant 66A Railway Operations Apprentice 66B Locomotive Operator 66C Trainman 66D Railway Movement Coordinator 671B "Aircraft Repair Technician, Non-rated" 671C "Aircraft Repair Technician, Rotary Wing Rated" 671D "Aircraft Repair Technician, Fixed Wing Rated" 671E "Aircraft Repair Technician, Rotary & Fixed Wing Rated" 67A Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice 67B O-1/U-6 Airplane Repairman 67C U/A Airplane Repairman 67D Single-Engine Airplane Repairman 67E Single-Engine Airplane Maintenance Chief 67F Airplane Technical Inspector 67G Utility Airplane Repairer 67H 0V-1 Airplane Repairman 67J Multi-Engine Medium Transport Airplane Mechanic 67K Multi-Engine Airplane Repairman 67L Multi-Engine Airplane Maintenance Chief 67M OH-13/OH-23 Helicopter Repairman 67N UH-1 Helicopter Repairer 67P CH-34 Helicopter Repairman 67Q Single-Engine Single-Rotor Helicopter Repairman 67R OH-58 Helicopter Repairman 67R Single-Engine Single-Rotor Helicopter Maintenance Chief 67S Single-Engine Tandem-Rotor Helicopter Mechanic 67T CH-37 Helicopter Repairman 67U CH-47 Helicopter Repairer 67V Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer 67W Aircraft Quality Control Supervisor 67X Heavy Lift Helicopter Repairer 67Y AH-1 Attack Helicopter Repairer 67Z Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant 68A Aircraft Components Repair Apprentice 68B Aircraft Powerplant Repairer 68C Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Repairman 68D Aircraft Powertrain Repairer 68E Aircraft Rotor And Propeller Repairman 68F Aircraft Electrician 68G Aircraft Structural Repairer 68H Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer 68J Aircraft Instrument Repairman 7004 Division Engineer 7010 Engineer Staff Officer 7020 Public Works & Utilities Officer 70A Clerk 7110 Construction Engineer 711A Personnel/Administrative Technician 712A General Staff Administrative Technician 7130 Facilities Engineer 713A Legal Administrator 7140 Highway Engineer 71A Clerk 71B Clerk-Typist 71C Executive Administrative Assistant 71D Legal Specialist 71E Court Reporter 71F Postal Clerk 71G Patient Administration Specialist 71H Personnel Specialist 71J Pay Records Specialist 71K Personnel Management Specialist 71L Administrative Specialist 71M Chaplain's Assistant 71N Traffic Management Coordinator 71P Flight Operations Coordinator 71Q Journalist 71R Broadcast Journalist 71S Attache Specialist 71T Equipment Maintenance Clerk 71U Card And Tape Writer 7211 Marine Hull Maintenence Officer 721A Cryptographic Technician 7221 Marine Engine Maintenance Officer 7240 Port & Dock Construction Engineer 7242 Marine Diver 72B Communications Center Specialist 72C Central Office Switchboard Operator 72D Cryptographic Center Specialist 72E Tactical Telecommunications Center Operator 72F Data Communications Terminal Specialist 72G Automatic Data Telecommunications Center Operator 72H Central Office Operations Operator 7300 Chemical Engineer 7312 Physicist 7314 Chemical Staff Officer 7315 Chemical Combat Service Support Officer 7317 Metallurgist 7318 Organic Chemist 7319 Chemist 7320 Munitions Production Officer 7330 Nuclear Weapons Effects Officer 7360 Chemical Munitions Development Officer 73A Finance Clerk 73B Audit Specialist 73C Finance Specialist 73D Accounting Specialist 73Z Finance Senior Sergeant 741B "Data Processing Technician, PCM" 741C "Data Processing Technician, ADPS" 741D "Data Processing Technician, Programmer" 741E Telecommunications Automation Software Technician 7421 Production Engineer 7422 Safety Engineer 7423 Aviation Safety Officer 7424 Experimental Test Pilot 74A Data Processing Equipment Operator 74B Card And Tape Writer 74C Data Analysis Specialist 74D Information Systems Operator 74E Computer Systems Operator 74F Software Analyst 74G ADP Systems Analyst 74Z Record Information Systems Chief 7500 Mechanical Engineer 7501 Aeronautical Engineer 7502 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Engineer 75B Personnel Administration Specialist 75C Personnel Management Specialist 75D Personnel Records Specialist 75E Personnel Actions Specialist 75Z Personnel Sergeant 7601 Electronics Engineer 7611 Electrical Engineer 761A General Supply Technician 762A Support Supply Technician 76A Supplyman 76B Chemical Supply And Parts Specialist 76D Ordnance Supply And Part Specialist 76E Quartermaster Supply Specialist 76F Quartermaster Parts Supply Specialist 76G Signal Supply And Parts Specialist 76H Transportation Supply And Parts Specialist 76J Medical Supply Specialist 76K General Supply Specialist 76L Film Library Specialist 76M Ammunition Records Clerk 76N Procurement Sergeant 76P Materiel Control And Accounting Specialist 76Q Special Purpose Materiel Supply Specialist 76R Weapons Materiel Supply Specialist 76S Vehicle Materiel Supply Specialist 76T Aircraft Materiel Supply Specialist 76U Communications Electronics Materiel Supply Specialist 76V Materiel Storage And Handling Specialist 76W Petroleum Supply Specialist 76X Subsistence Supply Specialist 76Y Unit Supply Specialist 76Z Senior Supply/Service Sergeant 7750 Communications Electronics Systems Engineer 7860 Radio Engineer 7881 Radio Frequency Engineering Officer 7899 Public Communications Officer 7900 Civil Engineer 7902 Soils Engineer 7915 Topographic Engineer 7922 Railway Construction Engineer 7930 Petroleum Engineer 7932 Pipeline Engineer 7940 Geologist 7960 Sanitary Engineer 8000 Civil Affairs Agricultural Officer 8101 Legal Officer 8102 "Military Judge, Trial & Appellate Level" 8103 Judge Advocate or Judge Advocate General 8104 Civil Government Officer 8105 "Civil Affairs Officer (G5, S5)" 811A Photomapping Technician 8130 Patent Lawyer 81A General Draftsman 81B Technical Drafting Specialist 81C Cartographer 81D Map Compiler 81E Illustrator 81F Model Maker 81Q Terrain Intelligence Analyst 8204 Meteorologist 821A Survey Technician 82A Rodman And Tapeman 82B Construction Surveyor 82C Field Artillery Surveyor 82D Topographic Surveyor 82E Topographic Computer 8311 Geographer 831A Map Reproduction Technician 832A No occupational title data available 833A Reproduction Technician 83A Printer's Apprentice 83B Compositor 83C Letter Pressman 83D Process Photographer 83E Photo And Layout Specialist 83F Printing And Bindery Specialist 83Z Photolithography Chief 8400 Physical Anthropologist 8430 Research Psychologist 84B Still Photographic Specialist 84C Motion Picture Specialist 84D Audio Specialist 84E Television Cameraman 84F Audio/TV Specialist 84G Photographic Laboratory Specialist 8500 Pictorial Unit Commander 8510 Pictorial Officer 8511 Motion Picture & TV Director 8521 Motion Picture or TV Writer 8530 Audio-Visual Instructional Technology Officer 8605 Arts-Monuments Officer 8700 Operations Research/Systems Analysis (OR/SA) Officer 9000 Public Safety Officer 9100 Provost Marshal 9110 Military Police Officer 911A Nuclear Weapons Technician 9121 Correctional Officer 913A Armament Repair Technician 9150 Criminal Investigation Officer 915A Unit Maintenance Technician (Light) 919A Engineer Equipment Repair 91A Medical Corpsman 91B Medical NCO 91C Practical Nurse 91D Operating Room Specialist 91E Dental Specialist 91F Psychiatric Specialist 91G Behavioral Science Specialist 91H Social Work Specialist 91J Physical Therapy Specialist 91K Physical Reconditioning Specialist 91L Occupational Therapy Specialist 91M Electroencephalograph Specialist 91N Cardiac Specialist 91P Radiology Specialist 91Q Pharmacy Specialist 91R Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist 91S Preventive Medicine Specialist 91T Animal Care Specialist 91U "Ear, Nose, And Throat Specialist" 91V Respiratory Specialist 91W Nuclear Medicine Specialist 91Y Eye Specialist 91Z Medical Senior Sergeant 9224 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer 92B Medical Laboratory Specialist 92C Petroleum Laboratory Specialist 92D Chemical Laboratory Specialist 9300 "Strategic Intelligence Staff Officer (G2, J2)" 9301 "Tactical Intelligence Staff Officer (G2, S2)" 9303 Army Attache 9305 Psychological Operations Officer 9307 Installation Intelligence Officer 9309 Aerial Surveillance Officer 9310 Inspector General 9330 Translation Officer (Designated Language) 9332 Interpreter 9335 Censorship Officer 93B Air Traffic Controller 93D Flight Simulator Specialist 93E Meteorological Observer 93F Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmember 93G Microbarograph Specialist 93H Air Traffic Control Tower Operator 93H Electronic Countermeasures Specialist 93J Air Traffic Controller Radar Controller 93J Countermeasures Search Specialist 93K ATC Approach Control/Enroute Specialist 93L Air Traffic Control Chief 9414 Fire Protection Officer 941A Food Service Technician 94A Food Service Helper 94B Food Service Specialist 94C Meat Cutter 94D Baker 94E Pastry Baker 94F Hospital Food Service Specialist 94Z Food Service Supervisor 9511 Camouflage Officer 951A Criminal Investigator 951B Polygraph Examiner 951C Questioned Document Examiner 951D Firearms & Toolmark Examiner 951E Latent Fingerprint Examiner 951F Forensic Photographer 951G Forensic Chemist 95B Military Police 95C Corrections Specialist 95D CID Special Agent 9600 General Electronics Warfare Cryptologic Officer 9601 Cryptanalytic Officer 9604 Language Officer 9610 Electronic Warfare Officer 961A Attache Technician 9620 Signal Intelligence Officer 962A Image Interpretation Technician 9630 Signal Security Officer 963A Interrogation Technician 9640 Electronic Warfare Cryptologic Staff Officer 964A Order of Battle Technician 9666 Counterintelligence Officer 9668 Area Intelligence Officer 96B Intelligence Analyst 96C Interrogator 96D Imagery Analyst 971A Counterintelligence Technician 972A Area Intelligence Technician 97B Counterintelligence Agent 97C Area Intelligence Specialist 97D Military Intelligence Coordinator 97Z Military Intelligence Sergeant Major 981A Cryptanalytic Technician 982A Traffic Analysis Technician 983A Emanations Analysis Technician 988A Voice Intercept Technician 98A Communication Security Clerk 98B EW/Cryptanlytic Cryptanalyst 98C Signals Intelligence Analyst 98D Communications Security Analyst 98G Voice Interceptor 98H Voice Countermeasures Operator 98J Noncommunications Interceptor/Analyst

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