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The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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Jack Stoddard
Jack Stoddard

M Co. & ARPs

1968 - '69

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Jack Stoddard served with the 11th ACR in Vietnam - first, assigned to M Company and then the Air Rifle Platoon (ARPs).  Jack lives with his family in Las Vegas, Nevada   He has written a book about Vietnam and is active in several veterans associations.  Jack has submitted these photos and a poem.

New Warrant Officer - 1st Official Dine Out
Chopper Crash Survivors
ARPs - 1969

The Boys Of K Troop

They Broke Through The Jungle, Their Engines All Roaring
No Sabers Where Drawn On This Early Morn

Just The Gleam Of The Sunlight Off Their Sixties Were Shown
Their Dark Blue Scarfs Blew In The Breeze

These Were The Men Of The 11th Cavalry

They Were Known As K Troopers, These Dirty Young Men
Mention Pride And Honor And They'd Just All Grin

No Longer Horses Did They Ride
Rather Their ACAV'S Drove Side By Side

Let Us Not Forget That Blue Scarf With The K
And The Reason We Wear It To This Very Day

Find The Bastards And Pile On
The K Troopers Would Yell

We're All Going To Fiddlers Green
Cause We Spent Our Time In Hell.

Jack Stoddard - 2000

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