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The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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Mike Schaefer - H Company 2/11 ACR

Mike Schaefer

H Company 2/11 ACR
1967 - 1968

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Specialist 5 Mike Schaefer, now of Milwaukee, Wisconsin served as a tank driver on H Company's H-66.  He shares with us a few of his photos, from his large personal collection, including pictures taken at Blackhorse Base Camp.

ACAV In Jungle
Blackhorse Base Camp 1967
Blackhorse Tower
New Barracks - Blackhorse Base Camp 1967
On Guard Duty - In The Field With Some "Tunes"
The Sleeper - Catching Some Zeeesssss!
Bridge Tank - A Portable Bridge For River Crossings
Helicopter Crash - A Huey - Low Impact Crash
Air Recovery - The Damaged Huey Is Airlifted Out
Air Recovery Continues - The Chinook Makes Altitude
Eagle Flight - Helicopters In Formation
Off To Market - Vietnamese Villagers Make Their Way To Market

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