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Charlie Durham

HHT 2/11 ACR

1968 - 1969

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Spec. 4 Charlie Durham served in HHT 2/11 ACR.  In a letter, Charlie writes, "The last time I was in Quan Loi I almost got killed having about a month to go.  We got four rockets at mid day.  I heard the first two explode just inside the perimeter.  I froze for about two seconds.  Some I Troopers hollered 'in-coming'..  I took off running just as fast as I could to my track.  I just got around the corner of the other side when the rocket exploded real loud.  It blew me around like a rag doll.  My ears were ringing for two or three days".

Charlie now resides in Nortonville, Kentucky.  He has submitted these photos.

Charlie Durham - Ground Surveillance hootch, May 1969
"New" 2nd Sq. Sign May '69 - mess hall is 50 feet to the left.
Blackhorse Base Camp PX
         sign reads, Blackhorse Exchange, PX 25, APO 25 96257
View From Banana Hill - April 1969 Basecamp behind photographer
Charlie With AK-47 - Feb. 1969
Enemy Weapons - March 1969
Radar Track - April 1969 - Interdicting enemy mine laying.
Radar Unit - April 1969 - 180 degree sweep to detect enemy movement
Ambush Team - Bob Moreno, Joe Cummings, (Mike ?) and Bob Bensch
Ground Surveillance Troopers - Durham, Lewis, Moreno and Bell 1968
Refueling - Basecamp May '69 near Perimeter Rd.
Mine Sweeper - March ' 69 - Basecamp ahead
New Frying Pan - Cole and Charlie enjoy a steak.
Larry Lewis - Cleans .50 caliber machine gun - Binh Duong Jan, '69
Charlie's First Oil Change - HQ-70 track.
Blackhorse Out Door Theater - Australian Band
Donut Dollies - Base Camp Oct. '68
Clearing Landing Zone (LZ) - Wille Bell riding tree log.
Cobra "Thor's Hammer" - Binh Duong, Jan. '69
Field Show - Near NDP Bihn Duong

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