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MOS - Miliatry Occupational Specialty

MOS or a fancy way to say "job".  This list of Military Occupational Specialties is a partial list of job classifications for the US Armys Enlistedmen's service.  Old MOS have been delted, new ones added and some combined with others.   If you know of an MOS that you feel should be on the list, send feedback.

Search the complete list of MOS in Vietnam HERE.

00B - Diver  
11B - Infantryman
11C - Indirect Fire Infantryman
11D - Armor Reconnaissance Specialist
11E - Armor Crewman
11H - Heavy Antiarmor Weapons Infantryman 11M - Fighting Vehicle Infantryman
11Z 12B - Combat Engineer
12C - Bridge Crewmember 12Z
13B - Field Artillery Cannon Crewmember 13C - Tactical Fire Operations/Automated Fire Support Systems Specialist
13E - Cannon Fire Direction Specialist 13F - Fire Support Specialist
13M - Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Crewmember 13P - Multiple Launch Rocket System Lance Operations/Fire Direction Specialist
13R -Field Artillery Fire Finder Radar Specialist 13Z - Field Artillery Senior Sergeant
13D - Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems Specialist  
14E - Patriot Operator and System Mechanic 14J - Electronic Warfare Systems Operator
14R 14S
14T - Patriot Missile Crewmember 14Z
18B - Special Forces Weapons Sergeant 18C - Special Forces Engineer Sergeant
18D - Special Forces Medical Sergeant 18E - Special Forces Communications Sergeant
18F 18Z
19D - Cavalry Scout 19K
19Z 25M - Multimedia Illustrator
25R - Visual Equipment Operator/Maintainer 25V - Combat Documentation/Production Specialist
25Z 27E - Land Combat Electronic Missile Systems Repairer
27M - Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer 27T - Avenger Systems Repairer
27X - Patriot Systems Repairer 31C - Radio Operator/Maintainer
31F - Network Switch System Operator/Maintainer 31L - Cable System Installer/Maintainer
31P - Wicrowave Systems Operator and Maintainer 31R - Multichannel Transmissions Systems Operator and Maintainer
31S (26Y, 29Y)- Satellite Communications Operator and Maintainer (31T) - Field Systems Communications Security Equipment Repairer
31U - Signal Support Systems Specialist 31W - Telecommunications Operations Chief
31Z - Communications Operation Chief 33R - Avionics System Repairer
33M - Electronic Warfare/Intercept Strategic Systems Analyst and Command and Control Subsystems Repairer 33P - Electronic Warfare/Intercept Strategic Receiving Subsystems Repairer
33T - Electronic Warfare Tactical Systems Repairer 33W - Electronic Warfare/Intercept Systems Repairer
33Y - Strategic Systems Repairer 33Z - Electronic Warfare/Intercept Systems Maintenance Supervisor
35B 35C -
35D/93D 35E - Radio/Communications Security Repairer
35F - Special Electronics Devices Repairer 35H - Test, Measurement, Diagnostic Equipment Maintenance Support Specialist
35J - Computer/Auto Systems repairer 35L/68L - Avionics Communication Equipment Repairer
35M - Radar Repairer 35N
35Q/68Q 35R/68R - Avionics Systems Repairer
35W 35Y
35Z 37F
39B (35C) - Automatic Test Equipment Operator Maintainer 42E
42R Bandsman (All Instruments) 42S Bandsman ( Special Bands - West Point, TUSAB, TUSAFB etc.)
43M - Fabric Repair Specialist 44B - Metal Worker
44E - Machinist 45B - Small Arms/Artillery Repairer
45D - Self-Propelled Field Artillery Turret Mechanic 45E - M1 Turret Mechanic
45G (41C) - Fire Control Repairer 45K - Armament Repairman
45T - Bradley Fighting Vehicle Turret Mechanic 46Q (71Q)- Journalist
46R (71R) - Broadcast Journalist 46Z
51B - Carpentry Specialist 51H
51K - Plumber 51M - Fire Fighter
51R - Electrician 51T - Technical Engineering Specialist
51Z 52C - Utilities Equipment Repairer
52D - Power Generation Equipment Repairer 52E - Prime Power Production Specialist
52F 52X - Special Purpose Equipment Repairer
54B - Chemical Operations Specialist 55B - Ammunition Specialist
55D - Explosive Ordinance Disposal Specialist 57E
62B - Construction Equipment Repairer 62E - Heavy Construction Equipment Operator
62F - Crane Operator 62G
62H 62J - General Construction Equipment Operator
62N 63B - Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
63D - Self-Propelled Field Artillery Systems Mechanic 63E - M1 Tank Systems Mechanic
63G - Fuel and Electrical Systems Repairer 63H - Tracked Vehicle Repairer
63J - Quartermaster and General Equipment Operator 63M Formerly 63T and 45T
63S - Heavy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic  
63T Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems Mechanic 63W - Wheel Vehicle Repairer
63Y 63Z
67N - UH1 Helicopter Repairer 67R (66R) - AH64 Attack Helicopter Repairer
67S - OH58D Helicopter Repairer 67T (67T) - UH60 Helicopter Repairer
67U - CH47D Helicopter Repairer 67V (66V) - Observation/Scout Helicopter Repairer
67Y (66Y) - AH1 Attack Helicopter Repairer 67Z
68B 68D
68F - Aircraft Electrician 68G - Aircraft Structural Repairer
68H - Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer 68J - Aircraft Armament/Missile Systems Repairer
68K 68N - Avionics Mechanic
68X - AH64 Armament/Electronics Systems repairer 71D - Legal Specialist
68Q (35M) - Avionic Flight Systems Repairer  
71G 71L - Administrative Specialist
71M 73C
73D 73Z
74B - Information Systems Operator/Analyst 74C (72E, G) - Record Telecommunications Center Operator/Maintainer
74G (39G) - Telecommunications Computer Operator / Maintainer 74Z
75B - Personnel Administration Specialist 75F
75H 76J
77F - Petroleum Supply Specialist 77L - Petroleum Laboratory Specialist
77W - Water Treatment Specialist 79R
79S 81L
81T 81Z
82C - Field Artillery Surveyor 82D
88H (57H) - Cargo Specialist 88K - Watercraft Operator
88L (61C) - Watercraft Engineer 88M (64C) - Motor Transport Operator
88N 88Z
91A - Medical Equipment Repairer 91B (91H, J, L, U) - Medical Specialist
91C 91D
91E 91K - Medical Lab Specialist
91M - Hospital Food Service Specialist 91P - Nuclear Medical Specialist
91Q 91R
91S (91X) - Preventive Medical Specialist 91T
92A (76V, X, Y) - Automated Logistical Specialist 92G/94B - Food Service Specialist
92M/57F 92R/43E - Parachute Rigger
92Y - Unit Supply Specialist 92Z
93B 93C - Air Traffic Control Operator
93F - Field Artillery Meteorological Crewmember 93P - Flight Operations Coordinator
94B - Cook 94D - Bread Baker
95B - Military Policeman 95C - Corrections Specialist
95D - Criminal Investigator 96B - Intelligence Analyst
96D - Imagery Analyst 96H - Igs Operator
96R - Ground Surveillance Systems Operator 96U
96Z *97B - Criminal Investigation Agent. Some sources list this MOS as Counter Intelligence Agent
97E - Interrogator 97G
97Z 98C - Signal Intelligence Analyst
98D - Morse Interceptor 98G - Communications Locator/Interceptor
98H - Morse Interceptor 98J - Electronic Intelligence Interceptor/Analyst
98K - Non-Morse Interceptor/Analyst 98Z

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