K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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Contributor's Corner

Dale Sabine

K Troop
March 1967 - Dec. 1967



SPC 4 Dale Sabine of Gorham, Maine served with K Troop from March 1, 1967 till December, 24, 1967.  He has written this beautiful poem on the eve of our nation's entry into Iraq titled our Brightest Flame.

"Our Brightest Flame"
    Young men and women standing tall,
    On fields of battle bonding,
    Terror made the towers fall,
    And now they are responding,
    I learned so many years ago,
    How close they'll grow to be,
    While loosing many friends they know,
    The cost to keep us free,

    They are the hero's of our day,
    And bear no blame for war,
    Their very life, the price some pay,
    Let's not forget whom for,
    So if you think the war is wrong,
    Do not on them, lay blame,
    Because of them we are strong,
    They are,
           Our brightest flame,
                               "DRS 2003"

 Dedicated to: All who serve our nation in this war on terror.

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