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Doug Kibbey

G Troop 2/11 ACR


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Doug Kibbey commanded G-71 of the 2nd Squadron of the 11th ACR in 1972.  He has submitted several photos.  One is of a miniature M113s used by radar scientists.   Another contribution is that of a poster which hangs on Doug's office wall at home.


M113 scale model (1:16).

Description as described by Mr. Kibbey.

The photo is "Courtesy of UML submillimeter wave technology lab.  These are 1:16 scale models used by the submillimeter wave technology laboratory (a radar research contractor) used to determine radar cross-section. They are made from 'correct' materials (note aluminum CNC machining, wood-handled pioneer tools & surfboard, and plastic water jerrycan) to EXACTING scale and therefore VERY expensive - from ten to fifty thousand dollars, depending on complexity. Just thought your guys might find these interesting to look at.

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