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Gary Johnson

Gary M. Johnson

B Troop

1966 - 1967

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S/Sgt. Gary Johnson served in B Troop, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment as Track Commander (TC) of B-22.  Gary lives in Dewey, Arizona.  He has contributed the following.

Blackhorse Patch - Photo - Subdued, Olive Drab
Map - Blackhorse Base Camp (area of operations) Routes 1 and 2.

ctroop.JPG (322570 bytes)Ambush - C Troop ambush, November 21, 1966. (Photo by John Quinn).  This photo of the C Troop ambush was mistakenly identified as the site of the K Troop ambush of May 21, 1967.  Gary confirmed that it was not K Troop's ambush after talking with reliable sources at the Washington, DC reunion of the 11ACVVC in August of 2001.

Gary Johnson writes about the photo: " I was the track commander (TC) on B-22.  I was not there when this photo was taken but my driver, John Quinn, sent me the photo after we returned from Vietnam. I Have just the one".  In another letter, Gary writes, "the photo of what I thought was of the K Troop ambush is not.  Showed the photo to Sgt. Pittman and he so much as informed me that it was not the K Troop ambush.  The rome plows had cleared the jungle back from the road prior to the ambush  so it couldn't have been of the ambush.  I have two confirms that it was of C troops ambush of Nov 21, 1966.   I had to be there on the reaction force with B troop and I don't recall it at all.   Sgt. Swindler, my platoon Sgt. at the time, took a look at the photo and he said it was C Troop as did the driver for the Co.  B Troop, Captain Landry."

"16 Americans . . Die in . . Ambush" - AP News Article May 21, 1967

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