K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

hosted by Bob Hersey


December 6, 1967           

'K' Troop

- The K Troop "Bandits" of the 3d Sqdn, 11th Armd Cav Regt, are dressing in the true tradition of the old cavalry, dating back to the days when the Blackhorse troopers rode horse, rather than the armored assault vehicles of today.

The new look is a black bandana with a red "K" sewn on one corner.  Although the color and insignia of the new bandana differs from the yellow ones worn by the old cavalry units, their basic usefulness has remained the same.

The old horse soldiers of the wild west were constantly plagued by the dust and heat of the desert plains.  The men pulled the bandanas over their noses and mouths to keep out the dust.  They also soaked them in water and tied them around their foreheads to help fight the heat.

THE DRY SEASON in Vietnam created the same problem for the Blackhorse troopers.

Since the ARVN used bandana to their protection and bandana were standard issue back in the old cavalry outfits, Capt. William M. Boice, K troop commander, felt the idea was justified.  He also felt they would be a morale factor, distinguishing the K troopers from the others within the 11th Cav.

Boice wrote home to his mother and asked her to obtain 200 black bandanas.  She did and sewed a red "K" on each one besides.  The new bandana are now worn by the K trooper, both in base camp and on operations.

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