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Porta Bridge.  This came in handy when it came time to cross those deep rivers.

In a letter dated June, 12, 2008 Roy C. Holland of the 11th ACR writes,

Hi Bob, 

I like the photo of the bridge tank.  That was my tank.   If you have any more photos of it I would like to see them, me and Mike Slaick had some good times on that thing.  We supported the whole Squadron.  Mike is still kicking.  We meet 6 years ago. We found each other in the Blackhorse news letter, "Thunder Run".   I went  to Gainesville, GA.  We cried and talked all night.  I showed Mike the photo of the avlb and he laughed at that bent up fender.   I remember a lot of the nick names of a lot of buddies.  think I remember you.   We stole a carton of C- rats from the field mess hall.  I retired from the army 16 years ago.  I served with the CAV not only in 'Nam but also in Germany.  I couldn't get away from the 11th ACR.  I love to here from vets.   I talked to Col. Hoffmaster on Memorial Day for 30 min.  He is 81 and still loves the 11th ACR.  So e-mail me if you get a chance.

God bless,  Roy
(My nick name was Airborne)

Editor's Note:  Sadly this is the only picture of our bridge tank that I shot.  I took the photo from my ACAV as we passed by.  I asked our drive to slow down enough, without bunching up the column, so that I could get a good shot.  I wish I had time to assemble the crew beside the tank but wasn't able to.  Thank you Roy for your letter and your recollection of your service as a crewmember onboard this tank.

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