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Donut Dollies Play Games With The Troops

Lizann and Nancy continue with the games to keep us interested.   It was all great fun.

Kathy Ormond has submitted photos of her service in Vietnam.  To see her photos on Contributor's Corner, GO HERE.

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On November 14, 2003, Lizann Malleson's friend, Barbara Lilly writes:

Hi - I was just looking at your site, and saw the picture of Lizann Malleson, Donut Dollie. She and I were stationed together at Phan Rang in March, 1968. Subsequent to her tour with the Red Cross Lizann serve with Special Services. Subsequently she became a Navy Jag. I'm sad to tell you that she died five years ago from colon cancer. It was a shock to us all, as Lizann was a marathon runner and a vegetarian ... the last woman we would expect to die so young. Thank you for remembering the Donut Dollies.

Barbara Lilly

By the way, I had seen Lizann a few times about 10 years ago while living in the D.C. area.

Visit to learn more about the Red Cross Donut Dollies in Vietnam.

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