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Nashville, TN 2002

Nashville Reunion 2002

Nashville, TN -  Old friends reunited and new friends were made as Blackhorse troopers, their families and friends turned out in Nashville for Reunion XVII.  The Sheraton Music City Hotel played host to this year's event.  The weather was just about perfect for the three days that saw members of the 11th ACVVC and Blackhorse Association come together, from all areas in the country, to share remembrances of our time together in the struggle that was the war in Vietnam.

Early birds starting arriving on Wednesday, August 7.  My wife Hellen and I arrived on Thursday afternoon.  Thursday's events included the annual golf tournament at Shelby Park Golf Course and the "Early Bird" party in the bunker.   Surprising, the early bird party was more widely attended then I expected.   The Quarter Master store remained open from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and at various times throughout the reunion  By the end of the reunion close to $30,000 in merchandise was sold.

Friday was an active day for members and officers of the 11th ACVVC.  The registration desk bustled with activity as reunion goers lined up to collect their ID badges.  By reunion's end 1293 members and family would register.  A veteran's benefits seminar was held at noon and officer's meetings were held for both the 11th ACVVC and the Blackhorse Association.

Friday evening's Bunker Party was largely attended, even though many used the opportunity to take in the show at the Grand Old Opry.  The Bunker Party also saw the return of an earlier concept of limited special events.  No formal program was held which afforded people the opportunity to spend more time together.  A few remarks were made from the podium and a slide show was presented.  As usual, beer, soda and hot hors d'oeuvres were plentiful.

At the K Troop table, Dan Stroia welcomed newcomers with a traditional black bandana, Jim Brigman gave out reminders of the Nashville reunion that included luggage tags and wallets and Terry Cioffi, of Staten Island, NY gave out remembrance pins of 9-11.  Others brought their photo albums and two K Troopers brought copies of Vietnam magazine, June 2002 issue, that features an interview with Retired Army General Donn Stary, 41st Commander of the Blackhorse.

Saturday morning took many reunion goers to the Memorial Service at Memorial Park in downtown Nashville while others toured the city with a stop at the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.  The women's group met at 2:00 in the "Two Rivers" room.   About 100 women gathered together.  This meeting afforded them the chance to get to know each other and to listen to a seminar on Agent Orange.  A question and answer session followed.

The annual business meeting of the 11th ACVVC convened promptly at 2:00 in the Hermitage Room of the Sheraton Music City Hotel.  Although the room wasn't filled, many members attended the two hour meeting.  In the absence of President Ollie Pickral, Vice President and Reunion Chairman John Sorich conducted the affairs of business.  Top on the list of discussion was the manner in which reunion sites are determined.  No one presented recommendations for a reunion site for 2004 so the reunion committee exercised it's authority and presented Daytona, FL as the best site for Reunion XIX.  With no other site proposals the membership voted to hold the 2004 reunion in Daytona.  Surprisingly, there were many voting against Daytona.

The Blackhorse Association members met in the Tulip Grove Room at 4:00 P.M.

A cocktail hour in the Plantation Lobby preceded the dinner and banquet program in the Plantation Ballroom at 7:00 P.M.  It was earlier reported on the 11th ACVVC web site that an overflow room would be necessary to seat approximately 250 people however, it was decided on Saturday that everyone would be seated in the ballroom.  A problem quickly arose when it became clear that not everyone would get in.  Hastily, extra tables were set up in the lobby to accommodate most of those members of M Company.

Following a dinner of roast beef and chicken reunion-goers were treated to an address by keynote speaker, Retired Army General Wallace H. Nutting, 43rd Commander of the Blackhorse (1970).  General Nutting is a 1950 graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point.  After the banquet many people danced to nearly dawn in the Plantation Lobby.

Sunday morning found everyone in the hotel lobby saying their final farewells.   Many having reunited themselves with buddies that they haven't seen in over 30 years and promising to get together again next August in Eugene, Oregon.  A bittersweet end to another great reunion which saw dignitaries like former commander Wallace Nutting.

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