K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

hosted by Bob Hersey


22nd Annual Reunion - 2007

11th Armored Cavalry's
Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia
September 6-8, 2007

Photo Gallery
The Early Entries
More To Be Posted Soon

    The Bunker - Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Ky.

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K Troop Bunker

reunions_louisville_ktroop_bunker_02.jpg (67830 bytes)
K Troop Bunker

reunions_louisville_ktroop_bunker_04.jpg (116193 bytes)
K Troop Bunker

reunions_louisville_ktroop_bunker_07.jpg (84886 bytes)
K Troop Bunker

reunions_louisville_ktroop_bunker_06.jpg (76806 bytes)
K Troop Bunker

reunions_louisville_01.jpg (68429 bytes)
Bob Hersey
Ktroop.com Webmaster

reunions_louisville_ktroop_bunker_08.jpg (75463 bytes)
In Appreciation
Bob Hersey, Bill Lewellen and Jim Brigman

reunions_louisville_ktroop_bunker_09.jpg (101047 bytes)
Plaque Designer
Bonnie Lewellen

reunions_louisville_ktroop_bunker_10.jpg (60328 bytes)
K Troop Bunker

reunions_louisville_ktroop_bunker_11.jpg (78403 bytes)
K Troop Bunker



The Memorial Dedication Ceremony - Memorial Garden Ft. Knox, Ky.

reunions_louisville_memorial_01.jpg (71746 bytes)
Memorial Dedication

reunions_louisville_memorial_02.jpg (84555 bytes)
Allen Hathaway

reunions_louisville_memorial_03.jpg (111871 bytes)
Memorial Bricks

reunions_louisville_memorial_04.jpg (113488 bytes)
Memorial Dedication

reunions_louisville_memorial_05.jpg (99680 bytes)
Honor Guard

reunions_louisville_memorial_06.jpg (93698 bytes)
Ret. Col. Jimmy Leach

reunions_louisville_memorial_07.jpg (72879 bytes)
Monument Unveiling

reunions_louisville_memorial_08.jpg (91153 bytes)
Salute To Our Dead

reunions_louisville_memorial_09.jpg (121901 bytes)
K Troop's Honored Dead





Patton Museum 
And The Chuck Wagon Gang Barbeque Lunch  Fort Knox Kentucky

reunions_louisville_patton_museum_01.jpg (68528 bytes)
Ft. Knox, Kentucky

reunions_louisville_patton_museum_02.jpg (63353 bytes)
M113A1C - ACAV Vietnam Era

reunions_louisville_chuck_wagon_01.jpg (74423 bytes)
Chuck Wagon Gang

reunions_louisville_chuck_wagon_02.jpg (69593 bytes)
On "KP" At The Chuck Wagon

Belle Of Louisville Paddlewheel River Boat Excursion - Friday Evening

reunions_louisville_belle_of_louisville_01.jpg (99570 bytes)
On The Ohio River

reunions_louisville_belle_of_louisville_02.jpg (98716 bytes)
Lining Up For The Riverboat




The Banquet  - Galt House, Louisville, Ky.

reunions_louisville_banquet_00.jpg (59684 bytes)
Ret Gen John Longhouser, David Saxby, Bob Hersey
Together then, Together Again

reunions_louisville_banquet_04.jpg (59760 bytes)
Special Award
K Trooper Of The Year

reunions_louisville_banquet_05.JPG (44374 bytes)
Slope 30 

reunions_louisville_banquet_01.jpg (80891 bytes)

reunions_louisville_banquet_02.jpg (78759 bytes)




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