K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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SP4 - E4 - Army - Selective Service
11th Armored Cavalry
21 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Oct 08, 1945
Length of service 1 year.
His tour of duty began on Aug 14, 1966
Casualty was on May 21, 1967
Body was recovered
Remains Interred
Glen Eden Memorial Park
35667 8 Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48152
(248) 477-4460

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Photo Submission: Bill Lewellen

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Michael F. Ryan remembers Dwight Elmer Timberlake

May 11, 2000
Title: Advanced Party For 11th ACR
Posted By: Michael F. Ryan
e-Mail: ltboca@aol.com

Relationship: Friend

I was part of the advance party with Dwight.  I remember everyday as we built the first camp at Long Binh he and I would be in a foxhole half the night soaking wet trying to bend over to light a cigarette.  We were more nervous of the scorpion and snakes than Charlie.  When the regiment finally arrived they broke all of us up and sent us to separate companies.  I ended up in the hospital from Agent Orange.  In one month we had all lost a lot of weight.  The Sunday when K Troop got ambushed I was on radio relay (prc25) relayed the ambush back to base.  I remember that day as if it were yesterday.  Never forgot him because of us being together on advance party.  Later on, in 1979, my wife and I were the lead case in Agent Orange.  We had a daughter, Kerry, who was born with 22 birth defects and my wife was the one who connected it to agent orange.  Just another thing the 11th ACR had point on.

Guest Book Entry Posted June 23, 2008

My name is Mike Johnston.  I am a nephew of Dwight E. Timberlake.  I never new him as I was born in 78', however,  I have heard many people say good things about him.  From time to time family members have told me I remind them of him.

Anyway, I was at my aunt's house a while back and she had a chest of all of his things from the war.  It was sad to me and interesting to read all of the letters he had wrote home during Vietnam.  Since then I have been curious to learn more about him.

In most instances it is a hard topic to bring up in my family as you can understand. I was wondering if anyone who knew him could tell me a little more about my uncle?

God Bless,

Write to Mike at: mdjflyer@yahoo.com

Guest Book Entry posted May 26, 2004

Hi, My name is Mike Harrison, and I was with Apache Troop, 1/9th Cav, 1st Cav Div. Last January I gave a talk to a History Class at Clarenceville High School in Livonia Michigan. Doing some work for the talk, I ran across Dwight Timberlake and the Ambush of May 21st. I suggested to the class they should learn more about this American Hero. To make a long story short, they did further work and found out he was a baseball star on the team. Last Monday, May 21, 2004 they had a dedication cermony and renamed the baseball field Timberlake Field. They had the remaining family attend and his baseball coach came from Georgia to talk about Dwight. Many of his High School Buddies were there also. They had a Honor Guard from local Vietnam Vets Post and many City Officals. Honors to the rest of guys from that action.

Mike Harrison
A Trp, 1/9th Cav, 1st Cav Div

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