K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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Alfred John Small


SGT - E5 - Army - Regular
11th Armored Cavalry
19 year old Married, Caucasian, Male
Born on May 19, 1949
Length of service 1 year.
His tour of duty began on Sep 15, 1968
Casualty was on Nov 24, 1968
Body was recovered
Remains Interred
Louisville Memorial Gardens East
11601 Ballardsville Road
Louisville, KY 40241
(502) 241-8424
Everlasting Life, Lot 59C, Grave 3

Panel 38W - - Line 53

* Added to the Honor Roll on August 17, 2002.   Alfred John Small was listed as KIA and a member of the 11th ACR but his name was not previously listed as a member of any troop or company.  Joe Chandley remembers Alfred and provided Sgt. Small's name at the Nashville Reunion of August 10, 2002.

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Alfred J. Small

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Joseph E. Chandley remembers Alfred John Small

May 11, 2005
Posted By: Joseph E. Chandley
e-Mail: tcpossum@aol.com
Relationship: Friend & Comrade

I remember Al Small from our time on Fort Knox, KY.  In 1968, Al and I were in the "shake 'n bake" school on Ft Knox.  We graduated and then we moved to the 1st Training Brigade for some experience leading troops.  While we were there, Al met Sue and eventually married her.  Al and I  headed for Vietnam right after Labor Day, 1968.  I was assigned to D company, 1st Squadron, 11th ACR and Al went to K troop.  We met a couple of times in September and October, and then in the beginning of December.  I heard that Al was killed on Thanksgiving Day.  He was a good man, a good NCO and a good husband.  A little tall and goofy some times, but a good friend.  I still miss him.

Mike Halterman remembers Alfred John Small

November 11, 2002
"A Friend"
Posted By: Mike Halterman
e-Mail: mthalt@aol.com
Relationship: Friend & Comrade

I knew Al very well. We trained together in Ft. Knox. Al and I were in NCOC together. We became friends while stationed in Ft. Knox. Al was an easy going type of person and seemed to be liked by everyone. I never saw Al angry or say a bad word about anyone he came into contact with. He was an easy person to become friends with and was fun to be around.

Al and I shipped out together to RVN. Both of us were assigned to the 11th ACR. I was sent to K troop 3rd platoon and I believe Al was in the second platoon. We were very young and dumb and somewhat apprehensive about being an NCO in a line company. When we departed for the field we made a promise to each other. If something happens to one of us, the other would write a letter to the wife. I knew his wife and he knew mine. We were both married a short time before we received orders for RVN. This was a promise at the time it was made, that I did not anticipate having to keep. We were invincible, it couldn't happen to me or my friends. How quickly the war taught us some real life lessons. I will never forget having to write that letter home.

Al was the first friend I lost in RVN, but not the last. I was not with Al at the time he was killed. All I know is that he was killed by an enemy machine gun emplacement while on dismounted patrol. Al's death was a wake up call for me, I did not believe he was gone until we held the memorial service.

We had only been in the field less than a month and I had already lost my best friend. I do remember Al. I will always remember Al. I may be here today because his death opened my eyes to the real world of soldering and showed me that it can happen to anyone. Rest in peace Al.  I miss you.

Joe Chandley remembers Alfred John Small

August 19, 2002
"My Friend"
Posted By: Joe Chandley
e-Mail: joseph_e_chandley@bankone.com
Relationship: Friend

I met Al in February, 1968 at Fort Knox.  We were both graduates of the NCO Course and then served as Assistant Instructors until we left for Vietnam in September, 1968.   We were both assigned to the 11th ACR and, unfortunately, when we left Xuan Loc, that was the last time I saw Al.  He had gotten married a short time before leaving for RVN and his wife's name was Sue.  She was from Louisville KY and was still living there when I stopped to visit after DEROS.  I saw her once, but couldn't tell her much.  Al was a tall, slim man from Massachusetts.  He laughed easily and had a slightly warped sense of humor.  (But then didn't we all?) He was loyal and a good friend.  From every thing I could tell he was a good husband and would have been a fine father.  He is definitely missed.   JEC (Possum)

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